• Miquel OC

    Miquel OC

    Product Manager at Digital Therapeutics. I write about anything that steals my attention. I don’t write about Product, I don’t do bullet lists or clickbait BS.

  • Rina


  • Carlos Bort

    Carlos Bort

    Data & Web3. Founder of diferent data companies and initiatives. Head of Data | Kaggle top 1.5% | carlosbort.github.io

  • Vanshika Dhyani

    Vanshika Dhyani

    | Science Writer | An amalgamation of art and science! From quantum mechanics to dog rescue stories! I write them all 🌻 | I got curated by Medium! |

  • Bruce Garlick

    Bruce Garlick

  • novalis



  • Marco Tulio Bittencourt

    Marco Tulio Bittencourt

  • Harshit Jaiswal

    Harshit Jaiswal

    Designing experiential and collaborative learning through curating self-learning resources and communities.

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